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Linda Buie

                                                                                                                        English I, II, III, IV

                                                                                                                     January 3 – January 5


Students will continue to turn in any literature assignments that are still needing to be completed until January 18, 2024 for the end of the 1st semester grading period.  

The beginning of the second semester, my classes will be taking notes on films being seen during class time.  The notes will then be converted into an outline form, a one page essay will be prepared, and typed. The final document with notes and outline will be due on that week’s Friday.  If all classes have finished their literature assignments, then we may begin film viewing ahead of schedule.  Students will be writing for this next semester’s first 9 weeks.  Wed will continue to be reserved for a study hall as long as possible.

  I may be contacted by email if you need assistance with your students’ lessons. Parents are also encouraged to contact me if there are questions.  Preferred email address is:


    Parents are welcome to check on their student’s grades and contribution in the class activities. 



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