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Linda Buie

                                                                              English I, II, III, IV

                                                                        December 9 – December 13

     Students will have had a 9 wk period of reading on their own in which designated stories were to be read and comprehension questions answered.  The papers were be turned in upon completion and not held.  The number of questions had been adjusted accordingly with accommodations in mind.  The books’ stories are excerpted also to meet modifications requirements.  Students should have been reading at least 4 stories per week for the remaining wks to be completed December 20.  They were permitted to read at home or in class, but I have expected them to be working on something during class time, even if it was for another class.  I will be reading with individual students periodically if they are having difficulty, but I want the student to continue to inform me if assistance is needed. Freshman were to be reading from the survey literature book; Sophomores read from the American literature book; Juniors read from the British literature book; and Seniors read the World literature.  This will give each student experience with the different genres.

     I have kept students informed of the individuals’ grades, what stories were needed, and to do their stories.  When students have completed their books and turned them in, they will be allowed to attend other classes until Dec.21.  At that time, we will continue with another project.

     Wednesday will continue to be used as their study hall days.  Any subject may be worked on by the student on that Wed. during the assigned class period.  Also, if after a story has been completed and questions turned in, students may also work on other subjects daily.

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