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Student Re-Enrollment

Parents/Gardians may complete the Student Information Update online through the Student Records Portal. 


  • Navigate to the “Student Records Portal” > “Enrollment/Update Submissions”
  • FOR EACH STUDENT you will complete steps 1-3
    • Step 1: Demographics – verify all information is correct, update as needed. Save and continue to step 2
    • Step 2: Relations – ensure all information is correct, update as needed. It’s important that the ‘relationship type’ is correct, and to check all appropriate boxes for each relation. This section is also where you can input emergency contacts, as well as list additional pick-up persons. Once complete, save and continue to step 3.
    • Step 3: Documents – Please complete all documents that pertain to your student
  • Submit to Site

Remember that all information input into the SIS is legal- example: if you change your student’s last name, please provide appropriate documentation.


NOTE: Training videos are available at the top of the portal under Resources

If you neeed assistance logging in, please email: 

Kalah Brown