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Class Syllabus

Steps for Success:
Have a positive attitude. Believe you can succeed.
Spend your time in the classroom wisely.
Complete all homework assignments.
Study for test and quizzes.

Classroom Responsibilities:

·          Come to class prepared (book, supplies, and assignments).
·         Assignments must be turned in on time.
·         Inappropriate language/behavior will not be tolerated.
·         Respect others and their property and obey all school policies.
Homework, Quizzes and Test are based on weighted points, each assignment type worth 50% of the semester grade.
Semester Grade:  Semester average is 90% of your grade and semester test is 10% of your grade.
Grading Scale: see student handbook
Make-up work:   When you’re absent, it’s your responsibility to find out what you’ve missed (see make-up folders). You will turn make-up work into a folder for your class in the basket on the bookshelf. It’s your responsibility to turn it in.   I will not ask for it. If you miss a test or quiz, you need to make it up before or after school. You will not be allowed to make up a quiz or test during a class period or at lunch. NO EXCEPTIONS! ARRANGE YOUR SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY.  Failure to make them up within your allowed make-up days will result in a zero. 
Student behavior:
    Be responsible and demonstrate good character. Obey all school policies.
·        ·         
 Book Covers:  Keep a book cover on your math book at all times. There will be periodic book checks for a grade!                                
Possible consequences for misbehavior:
1.       Verbal warning, Stay after class
2.       Extra writing assignment
3.       Classroom service
4.       Detention
5.       Conference with parent
6.       Referral to principal
7.       Severity clause, I may skip to any level depending on the situation


    All 11th grade students will be required to take the ACT. Students are allowed to use a graphing calculator on that test. I will be teaching Algebra I and II students to use TI-Nspire CX II graphing calculators in class. It would be beneficial for all students to have a personal graphing calculator to use in Algebra 1 and 2. If students purchase a graphing calculator now, they can use it all the way through college. I have a classroom set of TI-Nspire CX II calculators. However it would be extremely helpful for students to have one to use on homework. My goal is for all students to be proficient with the TI-Nspire CX II graphing calculator. This will aid in higher ACT scores and greater success in college math classes. Higher ACT scores will also result in better scholarships opportunities. It is not mandatory for your student to have a graphing calculator. However, it will give students a better chance to master all of the calculator functions and be successful in high school and college.  There are many places to purchase this calculator. I’ve included the web address for Amazon. See page 4 for a picture of the TI-Nspire CX II.

A complete syllabus is handed out at the beginning of school to each student.

*I reserve the right to change any of the policies and procedures stated in this syllabus.