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U.S. History Syllabus

Course Syllabus: U.S. History

Oktaha High School

Coach Darian Dickson


Mission Statement: This study of United History will provide comprehensive coverage of American history from prehistory to the present and will follow the Oklahoma State Department of Education standards. It will be a blending of social and political history and geography to provide students with a broad view of America’s past and present. A multicultural perspective will be used and the skills of interpreting charts, primary sources, political cartoons, and other historical documents will be developed.

Class Rules and Keys to Success:

1.  Do your best at all times.

2.  Use your imagination and creativity when doing your assignments.

3.  Come to class with a positive attitude.

4.  It is good to ask questions.

5.  Be respectful of the teacher and classmates at all times.

6.  Do your homework! Projects will not be accepted late and you have three days to make up any missed work due to absences.  Late work will be marked down.  Missed and late work will bring your average down horribly.

7.  Come to class on time with all necessary materials, as you will not be allowed to go back to your locker.

8.  Keep your work area neat by picking up after yourself at the end of the class.

9.  Ask for help when you need it. I am not a mind reader.

10.Respect yourself and your ability by setting high goals and working

   towards those goals.

Course Description:  American History covers United States history from World War I to the present.  Major historical events are studied, but the influence of geography, economics, society, culture, politics, science and technology on historical events will be emphasized throughout the course. 


Note: This course will be presented by the following methods.


1.Instructor lecture and student notes

2.Instructor and class discussion.

3.Reading and written assignments.

4.Performance projects.


Required Materials:


1.Paper, notebook, pen or pencil.  Do not show up without these items.

2.Three ring binder or folder.

3.A positive attitude.


Textbook: The American Republic Since 1877


Course Requirements:



Assignments will be given to students on a regular basis. These assignments will give each student practice on the concepts presented in class. All assignments are to be turned in on the day it is due.



Students will be given special project to accomplish through out the year; some work can be accomplished in groups other projects will be completed on an individual basis. Projects may include, but are not limited to:

1.Term papers

2.Oral reports

3.Posters and other visual aids


5.Resumes of historical figures


C.Examinations and Quizzes

Each student will be given written examinations, all of equal weight. A final examination will also be given. In addition to examinations, each student shall be given periodic pop quizzes.



All students are expected to be in class on time. Students must be in class in order to get the maximum benefit from the course. If students miss class they will miss important information and assignments. 




Expectations:  Students this class expects you to bring a mature audience as well as open mindedness toward the subject.  History by nature can be very dull if we allow it to be.  Students will be engaging so they can indulge and exhilarate their minds to bring about an elaborate classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning and interesting.


Grading: Quarter and semester grades are determined from the total points possible at the end of each grading period.


  • 90-100%   A                                 60-69%  D
  • 80-89%     B                                 59% and below   F
  • 70-79%     C

Course Grading:    

  • Homework      20%     
  • Quizzes           30%  
  •  Test                50%

You will typically have three test grades in each nine weeks so the tests weigh much heavier.  All projects will count as a test grade and most essays will count as a quiz grade. Some essays may count as a test grade.  You will be informed when this is the case.



Paper Labeling Format: Papers shall be labeled in the following format. In the upper right hand corner you should include:                                                                       


                                                                                                Hour and Subject



Absentee Policy: It is the students’ responsibility to find out what he or she missed during their absence. It is recommended that students who have been absent come in before or after school for help with what they missed. 


*See the student handbook for further information on Oktaha Public School attendance policy and procedures. 






Dear Parent and/or Guardian,


This is a new and exciting year here at Oktaha High School. I am looking forward to working with your student this coming year. I have provided each student with a syllabus for the coming year. Please discuss the course with your student and sign the statement below along with your student’s signature. Each student will receive homework credit for having his or her parents read and sign this syllabus. As a parent of two children myself I know how important it is to have an open line of communication between parents and teachers. If you like your students progress emailed to you if I feel there is a need please leave an email address in the space provide below.  Please feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns at Thank you very much for your cooperation.







Coach Darian Dickson

Social Studies Teacher.



I _________________________________ have read this syllabus and understand what is

                    (Print student’s name)

expected of me in Coach Dickson’s class.


_______________________________________                           ___________________

                     (Student’s signature)                                                                                                                    (date)





I _________________________________ have read this syllabus and discussed it with

              (print parent and or guardian’s name)

my student. I understand what is expected of my student in Coach Dickson’s class.



_______________________________________________                                 ______________________

                     (Parent and/or guardian’s signature.)                                                                                                 (date)



Parent/Guardian Email: ____________________________


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