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Information for U.S. HISTORY STUDENTS & Parents/Guardians

Ok… before you go any further read this first.  Our school district will make this distant learning process as easy as possible for you students.  Take a view of your grade, if you are satisfied with it then you do not have to do any of the distant learning, however, I do encourage you to do so though.  It will not hurt your grade.  HOWEVER IF YOU NEED TO BUMP UP YOUR GRADE WE WILL BE ABLE TO DO SO.  IF YOU ARE FAILING YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS FOUND BELOW.  Now go read the rest of the information below and follow the instruction.   

Hey guys, I hope this finds you all well and blessed!  First and foremost, read this entire cover page for complete information on office hours, links to distance learning, and lesson plans.  I know you are probably a little like me in the fact that you are going a little stir crazy and running out of things to do already.  As we have all heard, and yeah it is true no matter how we try to fight the thing that is in front of us, we are going through unprecedented times and it does stink that it had to happen during your years in high school. 

With that being said, we need to make the best of an uncharted situation and I promise you are not in this alone.  I am here for you!!!   My weekly office hours will be held on Tuesday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and Thursday 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  During this time, I will be available to answer questions, ask for help or clarification on tasks, or communication with me for anything.  You can also contact me through my email  This contact will go directly to my cell phone, so you can expect a decent response time so I am available throughout most days, so please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.  

SideNote:  As all of you know, your grade will not be affected by this distant learning, HOWEVER, if you want to RAISE your grade this is a perfect opportunity for you to do so  The assignments are simple and easy to follow, just take some time to help yourself out while reviewing some highlights that we have covered.

Additionally, I will hold a Zoom conference at the beginning of each session to go over the lessons and answer any questions that you may have for that week:.

Here’s a link for information about how to navigate Zoom:

Students and Parents as you all are aware of, Oktaha School system has adopted the valuable online tool USATestprep for the remainder of this school year. You will need an internet connection and a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  Your student will be assigned a variety of practice questions, tests, games, and many other activities designed to keep your student actively learning.  

To help you with this learning resource:

  • Go to
  • Click on the orange LOGIN button in the top right corner.
  • U.S. History students will be using to complete assignments. Assignments will be given a week at a time and will review information already covered in class.
  • Login information:
    • Account ID: yazuw858
    • Username: student lunch card number
    • Password: 123456
  • Here’s a video to show students how to navigate the site:

  • Students can monitor their progress by navigating to PRACTICE at the top of the page and choosing a subject area.  USATestprep’s color-coded Dot Rank system will indicated strengths and areas for improvement by standard.

If you have any questions about using this platform, view the help videos available in the HELP menu at the top of the page, or contact Coach Dickson. 


5 Week Lesson Plan and Assignments:

Week 1,  April 6 – April 12

Assignment 1 – Introduction to Distant Learning

  • Send me an email to,  the purpose of this email is two purposes;
    • ​it serves as a primary link to our zoom meetings.
    • it will be the absolute communication contact between us in this class,
  • In this email, tell me how you have been coping the past weeks with the COVID 19 epidemic and some of your activities to pass the time.

SideNote: I will also keep a journal or documentation of our meeting   This will allow us to visual see how well students and teachers are using the Distance Learning Program in our U.S.History Class. 

Assignment 2 – Resistance to Racial Equality

  1. View the short informative video  “Amendments 13-15”, this will give you a quick reminder
    1. Complete the two short worksheets for a grade
  2. View the video to “Resistance to Racial Equality” for a review to the worksheet
    1. Complete the two short worksheets for a grade
  3. Take a test over “Resistance to Racial Equality”


WEEK 2, April 13 – April 19

Assignment 1 – The Industrial Age 1870s – 1920s

  1. View Video “The Gilded Age”
    1. Complete the Practice Performance Task –  People of the Gilded Age
  2. View Video “Second Industrial Revolution”
    1. Complete the Practice Perfomance Task – Inventors and Inventions

Assignment 2 

  1. View Video “Plessy v. Ferguson”
    1. Complete the Practice Performance Task – Late Nineteenth Century Discrimination
  2. View Video “The Progressive Movement”
    1. Complete the Practice Performance Task –  Progressive Era Reforms
  3. Take Test over The Industrial Age


Week 3, April 20 – April 26

Assignment 1 –  Economic Boom 1920’s

  1. View Video “Great Depression: Causes in the U.S.”
    1. ​Complete the “The Booming Economy” worksheet
    2. Complete the Perfomance Task “The Roaring Twenties”
  2. View Video “ Great Depression: Effects in the U.S.”
    1. ​Complete the “The Great Depression” Worksheet
    2. Complete the Performance Task “The Great Depression”

Assignment 2 – The New Deal 1930’s

  1. View 3 Videos “ Recovery”, “Relief”, “Reform”
    1. ​Complete the “The NewDeal” Worksheet
    2. Complete the Performance Task “The Great Depression”

Assignment 3 – Test

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