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Project Planning

  • Chair: Brock Rodden
  • Jillian Treadway
  • Karley Fewel 
  • Gracie Pendley
  • Brody Surmont
  • Preston Holmes
  • Brynna Rodden
  • Hunter Goodman

Duties: Plan each month’s volunteer trip, communicate details with Mrs. Blackwell/Mrs. Yarbrough, create short presentation outlining details of trip to present to group, and create short presentation of previous project.

Volunteer Board/Community Outreach

  • Chair: Megan Ballard
  • Mazie Watson
  • Ashton York
  • Anna Fulton
  • Ethan Frazier
  • Peyton Capps
  • Faith Blackwell
  • Ryleigh Bacon
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jakob Blackwell

Duties: Decorate the board by the office with a volunteer opportunity for students outside of THRIVE in order to encourage volunteerism school-wide. Additionally, plan a community event once per nine weeks to educate students/parents/community members on a certain topic (i.e. ACT, FAFSA, interviews, etc.).

Locker Badges

  • Chair: Libby Watson
  • Rebekah Basden
  • Jaiden Bacon
  • Kayleigh Boydston
  • Brynn Surmont
  • JaiCee Lester
  • Bekah Bunch
  • Emma Roach
  • Chance Pippin

Duties: Create and distribute locker badges each month. Locker badge awards are: The Early Bird Award (awared when a student takes the ACT), the Aristotle Award (awarded each time a student completes 5 hours of community service), the Mic Drop Award  (awarded to the students with the highest grade in each class at 9 weeks/semester), the Humble and Kind (awarded when a student does a humble or kind act in or outside of the classroom), and the Rockstar Award (awarded when a student achieves something noteworthy in the classroom).

Committee work should be completed each month. If you have questions about your role in the committee, see your committee chair.